The Rise in Demand for Armored Vehicle Companies

Although sad and deplorable, the fact is that crime seems to be on in various parts of the world. As such, many civilians have begun to take steps to ensure their safety. When travelling to particularly volatile regions of the world, people tend to take various measures for their own protection. One of those ways is to hire an armored vehicle company for getting a protective vehicle for their needs.

The trend of buying and using armored vehicles is certainly increasing. However, there are a few things which you should keep in mind in case you are planning to get one.

What Kind of Car Can Be Armored?

These days, nearly all kinds of cars can be armored. Be that as it may, there are certain kinds of cars which should not be armored. Small cars are one of them. These cars are typically incapable of handling the extra weight that comes with the armor. Sports cars are not armored as well. After all, they are built for speed. As such, adding armor takes way their speed away by a considerable margin. Sedans are, by far, the preferable choice when it comes to armored cars.

Will the Armor Be Visible?

It is quite possible for an armored vehicle to look exactly the same as its non-armored counterpart. In fact, this is the way that armored cars for civilians are made to look. This is done to ensure that the armored car is completely inconspicuous in public. In the majority of cases, the only way to differentiate between the two is by weight or in performance.

How Much Protection Can It Offer?

The degree of protection depends greatly on the type of armor that has been implemented in the car. The armoring level determines what kinds of weapons and attacks the car will be able to sustain. The lowest grade of armors can protect the car against small caliber handguns such as pistols. However, a rifle might be able to pierce this kind of armor with medium or large caliber bullets. The best grade of armor can provide protection against high power rifles such as sniper rifles.armor car

The way the armors are placed in the car also determines how much protection it will be able to offer. For common civilian armored cars, only the doors and other sections of the cars are replaced and fitted with armor. For the ultimate protection, the entire body of the car will be removed. A completely new body will be created out of various materials used in making armor. This will be put on the car for protection.

Of course, the glass in the windows and windshields will be replaced with a bulletproof variety. The tires will also be changed. Instead, rugged tires which can withstand rough conditions will be used. Further modifications of this nature can take place to provide the protection required by customers.

There are quite a few things which need to be considered when you want an armored vehicle. Of course, the company can help you in finding the armored car that you need. Check out this modified SUV made in Canada.